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HeadHunters NW promises "value-added" service by spending considerable time with prospective candidates; getting to know the individual before sending them out to prospective employers, ensuring a good fit for both parties.

After placement, there is follow-up and checking back with both parties, again, ensuring that the "fit" is beneficial for both. This is what has impressed me with my placement with my current employer. I couldn't be happier with where I am, and what I'm doing.

HeadHunters NW has made this one of the easiest job searches I've ever had.

Arlene M., MBA - Accounting and HR Manager
Distribution, Sales, and Service Company

I've worked with the principals at HeadHunters NW on several occasions, once for personal job hunting, and several times in the search for opportunities for colleagues of mine.

HeadHunters NW is professional and persistent in their assistance with the search process, and presented great opportunities to both myself and peers. Their personable approach makes them very pleasant to work with, and I would work with them again if the need ever arose.

Kristin P., BS - Costing Analyst
Fortune 500 Retail Company

After not finding even one suitable candidate using internet job-posting sites and word-of-mouth, I caved and agreed to try HeadHunters NW on the recommendation of my accountant.

I assumed it would play out as it always had when I'd used headhunting firms in the past: they'd eventually find me somebody but I'd end up wasting a lot of time interviewing candidates who didn't know much about our company or the position available, or who had unreasonable salary expectations. And when I wrote the check at the end of it, I'd feel like it was anything but "worth what paid for."

However, I was pleasantly surprised from the first interaction!! HeadHunters NW works seamlessly! Their process was laid out for me and I remember thinking, "if they produce even half of that in twice the time, I'll be impressed." Well, they produced exactly what they promised in exactly the time frame promised -- a handful of qualified, informed, screened, interested candidates the very next week! I was stunned. My new controller started last week and as I wrote the check for the fee my thought was that it was well worth it!!

Diana S., MBA - Executive VP and CFO
Service Company

I wanted to send you an extra special thank you. I know they haven't made an offer yet. It doesn't matter. The fact is that HeadHunters NW has put in a great deal of time and effort into this process on my behalf, and even if I don't get an offer, I still appreciate what you have done.

Anyone who chooses a career that helps other people is pretty admirable in my book. You are worth more than your weight in gold. If you had a boss, I would call and tell them that they should do whatever is necessary to retain you! 
Thank you again. HeadHunters NW has been such a pleasure to work with that part of me will be sorry to find a job.

Clint F., MBA - General Manager
Manufacturing and Distribution Company 

HeadHunters NW is awesome. They worked really hard to find me a better opportunity. They did an excellent job of marketing me to potential employers, gave me good input regarding the position, people, and corporate culture before going on interviews, and provided me with good feedback on my interviews including constructive criticism.

They called me with numerous opportunities; many more than other search firms. I highly recommend HeadHunters NW for your job search, as they are a very dedicated, professional and ethical team.

Lori H., CPA – Corporate Accounting Manager
National Property Management Company 

I’ve had the good fortune to work with HeadHunters NW both as a client and a candidate. Their services are heads above the competition. As a Senior Finance Manager the HeadHunters NW team uniquely packaged my multiple career skills and experiences to target the right industry that gained me the perfect job.

Thanks-HeadHunters NW.

Ed S., MBA - CFO
Distribution Company

I have had the pleasure of working with HeadHunters NW over the course of 10 years. I have found their talent, skills and keen knowledge in recruiting accounting and financial management and executives to be the best in the business.

HeadHunters NW invests time with people and do not treat them as a commodity. They get to know who you are and build long lasting relationships, which is something I value. I have worked with them as both a candidate looking for work and as an employer who used their search services, and found them to be extremely professional, informative and helpful in both roles.

HeadHunters NW has dramatically reduced the amount of time and money I would have spent finding the "right fit" through other means. They only send me top notch talent, reducing my selection process time knowing that the candidates have the technical knowledge as well as the personality fit for our organization. I just need to narrow the field to who will work best with me. I highly recommend HeadHunters NW to anyone looking for professional accounting and finance talent.

You will be very happy with the quality of service they provide.

Tom W., CPA, MBA - CFO
Distribution, Sales, and Service Company

Thank you very much for the service HeadHunters NW has provided in identifying, sourcing and securing an employee for us. I appreciate your ability to go into the market and find a great fit for our organization. It was nice know that you were not duplicating our efforts and utilizing job boards our company had already taken advantage of.

HeadHunters NW really took the time and effort to understand our needs and also worked with us in defining them along the way. Your knowledge of the candidates, their skills and reference summaries made it helpful for us to spend our time finding out if they would be a good “fit” for the team and company.

Your candidate has been a very welcomed addition to our team. She is working hard and has been a contributor in her short time with us. I know she will have long term success. I look forward to working with HeadHunters NW in the future for other lead financial and accounting talent searches.

Wishing you much success,

Michelle S., CPA - Corporate Controller
Distribution Company

HeadHunters NW invests time to not only understand your needs in a candidate, but your business as well. As a result, the candidates they referred to me not only exceeded the job requirements, but were a "good fit" for my company. This has dramatically reduced the amount of time I have had to spend in the recruiting process.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend HeadHunters NW's services to anyone.

Bob O., CPA, MBA - VP of Finance
Manufacturing Company

I've had the distinct privilege of working with HeadHunters NW over many years. Several times I've needed help finding the right candidate in a tight job market. Not only did they deliver the best candidate, they also delivered our entire demand of candidates. HeadHunters NW is the one recruiting firm that listens and delivers. They deliver the highest quality candidates available and can help any company realize long-term savings from hiring the right candidate. I recommend HeadHunters NW to those who want the very best!

John W., CPA, MBA CMA – Assistant Corporate Controller
International, Public, Manufacturing Company

“I feel so lucky to have been placed in this job and you made the process easy and gave me confidence. I have never gotten a job through an agency before this. Thanks again!”

Joanne F., Accounting Manager
Manufacturing Company

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